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02/23/2017 09:45

  1. Major Underground Weather changes have resulted in loss of many of the imbedded and dynamic links in the Fishersville Weather website. Where possible, an external links have replaced the imbedded ones. Doing this has made website maintenance more difficult. Possibly, the current website will simply direct users to the Underground Weather site. This is what is displayed when you click on the Detailed Forecast link. CLICK HERE to go there now. The downside is that private links are not included. For example, Snow data. Let's see how it goes.

07/18/2016 11:05

  1. Repeated attempts to upgrade the station's Win7 controller to Win10 have failed. The Win10 upgrade has now been abondoned; reverting back to Win7.

01/25/2016 16:30

  1. Snow melt liquid, as measured from core samples, was applied to rainfall on 1/22/15. Doing this will results in the rainfall totals more accurately representing the amount of moisture actually received. Note that sometimes a small of rainfall is recorded by the rainfall sensor dues to snow melting over it. We try to cover the sensor prior to a snowfall, but not always in time. The manually added rainfall takes under consideration the sensor amount so that the total remains accurate.

07/09/2015 05:55

  1. Temp / humidity sensor failing. No time to fix. Brought down the entire station. Will fix when we get back on Sunday afternoon.
  2. 7/12/15 15:30 - replaced sensor batteries.. still not working. Resync both sensor and sation and seemed to be working for now. Have to keep close watch. Station back on line.

02/13/2015 18:30

  1. Windows 7 auto updates locked up the control PC, including USB, which then locked up the weather station hardware. Had to disconnect and reset the station after manually processing all the windows updates. Yearlyl rainfall was updated and all back on line around 18:20.

09/15/2014 21:12

  1. The Undersgroud Weather FTP data feed has been fixed. '5 Day Forecast', 'Records and Normals', and 'Local Weather ExchangeŽ Network' should now be working.

09/14/2014 13:55

  1. Yes, I know that there's a problem with the '5 Day Forecast', 'Records and Normals', and 'Local Weather ExchangeŽ Network' data. The problem started last Thursday and is with the Underground Weather server and not on my end. It's been turned on and being looked at. buy both Ambient Software and Underground Weather. For now.. or perhaps for the time being, CLICK HERE, to get the Fishersville Station forecast and data. This will open in a new window or tab. Note this link now replaces the old 'Rapid Fire' link that has now been raplaced with 'PWS Dashboard'.

08/06/2014 08:00

  1. Migrated the Virtual Weather Station control program from an old WinXP 800meg with 512Ram laptop to a Win7 Acer Revo PC with an 1.8G processor and 2G of memory. Still old, but way better. Went off without a hitch. Time will tell.

05/16/2014 06:00

  1. Our service provider tells us that there's a problem with our server and they need to remove some scraper bots. No idea what that means, but it's major and will take hours to do. Hopefully, all will be back on-line by 9am this morning.

04/06/2014 15:00

  1. Undergoing WinXP updates followed by local patches to remove 'not supported' messages. This will take some time and is all in preparation for dropping of WinXP support set for 4/8. Doing it today as the station will not track some data during the outage and today is perfect which will minimize impact.

01/13/2014 07:20

  1. Updated VWS control software to version 15.00p01. No obvious changes will be noticed. Perhaps this will fix a few of the rain related problems with the database.

01/11/2014 07:56

  1. Station hardware hangup at 1/10/14 21:10 resulting in failure to run daily report and data sums. Restarted 1/11/14 7:12 as well as corrected daily and overall data. However, 1/10 report will not be corrected at this time. Fixed some of the reports around 2pm. Website looks fine now. This is a problem with my Oregon Scientific station and it's getting worse. The issue is that the USB communication quits and cannot be restored without a full reset of the station which results in loss of all saved data. The data is easily corrected via a couple of program settings but when the hang is not fixed before end of day processing it's very difficult to fix later. This is what happened this time.

12/07/2013 16:12

  1. Problem with the temp / humidity sensor. Changed battery; not fixed. Will reset all around 18:00. Doing this will result in incorrect high temp and will have to correct later in the database to the actually for today of 41.

06/12/2013 09:28

  1. Wind instrumentation battery died around 10pm last night. Fixed it this morning.

03/25/2013 09:30

  1. Local Radar changed to the latest WonderMap.

03/20/2013 10:30

  1. Forecast model app failed on 3/17. Several atempts to restart have also failed. The result is that the forecast data is stuck back on the 17th.
  2. Model back in operation around 14:10.

03/15/2013 16:10

  1. Daily rain stated as 0.09" but is really 0.00". The error was accidentially introduced when changing the rain gauge batteries and lubricatng the tipping bucket bearings. Also noted is that the total yearly rainfall in the Yearly and Montly summary reports is not correct. This was probably due to the 'stuck' rain gauge during the heavy rainfall of 3/12.

12/27/2012 07:00

  1. Station lockup at 04:38. Rebooted at 06:40. Rain data sill be recovered/
  2. Wind guages frozzen due to ice / sleet on 7/26. Will just wait until they melt.

09/15/2012 23:10

  1. Back on line. The USB com link hung last week when I was away.. ironically, on a trip sponsored by WHSV. Anyway, I fixed it just after we got in from the airport today. Sorry...

07/01/2012 08:12

  1. All sorts of problems with the station. Mostly, the fact the our power was out which prevented updates to the website and Weather Underground. Power went out at 9:37pm on 6/29 and came back on at 9:21 6/30; a full 24 hour outage. Also, the heat (sun) shield somehow dissappeared from the station's temp sensor during the estimated 70mph 'microburst like' wind. So, the moreing temp today will show hotter than it actually is. I'll get another shield in place later today to fix that. Also note that Undergroun Weather filters uploaded data and live data based the surrounding area data. No passing the filter removes the offending data the station from their PWS list. The widespread power outage we have made a total mess of their filter process. All seems ok now; at least for my station. Well, the missing shield my get us removed again until it's fixed.

02/01/2012 15:15

  1. One again the station communication died. This time sometime late last night which messed up the monthly reports. I fixed up some stuff, but it's no longer worth the effort to go back and fix all the old data as it's simply too time consuming. Oh well...

12/28/2011 16:30

  1. A Major problem with the weather station yesterday, 12/27 at 17:45. has brought everything down. Tried lots of things but nothing worked so all was reset today at 16:30. This also means lost data and odd settings. Some data was mnually set. The hardest to fix is rainfall. As of now the December total is 4.02 and the yearly total is 42.39. The big barametric dip on the 27th - 28th was due to reset of the altitude at the station and not actual 'major' falling pressure.

10/01/2011 10:08

  1. Problem with UPS system discovered during a power failure yesterday evening. System battery calibration started at 7:50am this morning. So far, it looks as though the battery is 'dead'. The system should be brought back on-line around 2pm.

09/18/2011 09:40

  1. Total communications failure around 23:10hrs last night. The entire system had to be reset around 09:30hrs today resulting in some data loss. No data recovery is planned.

06/20/2011 07:50

  1. My tipping bucket automated rain guage did not record our overnight rain. Of course, the only time we know it's not working is when it rains. Anyway, it turn out that a huge spider was in there along with his web that gummed it all up. He must have hatched in there as there are no openings in the guage even close to large enough for him to get in.. or out, in this case. But it's fixed now. The database is being adjusted to match my backup standalone guage, which shows 1.25". The data will be split between today and yesterday based on the ratio from another close by guage.

05/22/2011 21:12

  1. Weather station USB communication hung on 5/20 @ 16:15 which halted all time based data; that's mostly everything. Unfortunatly, I was away in Virginia Beach until today. The fix required a total reset that lost additional data and some settings. Lost data will not be replaced.

05/15/2011 14:31

  1. Rapid Fire was stuck at 10am or so. Restarted VWS station control and is now working. It's a good idea to compare the refresh time in the upper right of Rapid Fire to the Station Time along the bottom of the Wind Interval chart before 'trusting' the data.

05/02/2011 08:33

  1. Problems developed with the wireless temperature guage after it was moved to better protect it from the sun. Nearly overhead sun at this time of the year 'inflates' readings at some times. However, the best place to mount the guage is apparently beyond the reach of the wireless signal. It's been moved back to the original location for now. We'll see aboput building a sun shield over the guage sometime this week.

04/28/2011 13:09

  1. Automated rain guage failure. Manually adjusted rain to match standard guage. Later found that a spider had built a web inside the automated guage causing the tipping bucket to stick midway. This stopped measurement as well as discarged the battery. Repaired at 12:45pm.

03/20/2011 07:33

  1. Added NOAA Radio link to "Other Weather Links" page.

01/26/2011 06:42

  1. The batteries on the wind guage dies overnight. Light rain out there now and snow is forecast to start later so I'll have to get to replacing them as soon as it gets light enough outside. I've set 9am as the time to have that done. If that does not happen I'll post another news item. Otherwise, assume it's done by then. <Jack>

11/16/2010 10:21

  1. Station locked up around 9pm last night resulting in out of sync and incorrect data after reset. I think I've corrected the most important data. Please advise via the "Website Feedback" link at the bottom of the site page if something you use seems to still be in error. <Jack>

10/15/2010 13:21

  1. Corrected the total (annual) rainfall. The offset was lost when a station reset was done to fix the USB problem of 10/9.

10/14/2010 15:55

  1. Corrected the barometer altitude offset. The offset of 410m was lost when a station reset was done to fix the USB problem of 10/9.

10/09/2010 10:13

  1. USB communication between the WMR100N station and PC resulted in lost data between 10/8 23:51 and 10/9 10:04. This is not considered worth recovering as the Fishersville Weather Station is mostly used for current data. Note that some reports will be messed up due to the problem.
  2. Changed the 'radar' link to open in the same 'new' window as 'Rapid fire'.

06/26/2010 07:42

Today's fixes and updates...

  1. Fixed the "Normal Rain, month to date:" problem. This was actually getting the data correctly from the SHD database but they have a database problem on their end so I switched it to the CHO database. Who knew...
  2. Put a Latest News" link at the top of the Main page to make it easy to see when this news was last updated.
  3. Added a "[back to Fishersville Weather]" link to this news page.

06/25/2010 15:02

Yearly rainfall has been patched to reflect the correct amount. An attampt was made to go back and update the database for those days (about a month) when the station was off-line. Doing this has proved tedious. So, in the meantime, a patch was done with rainfall.

06/23/2010 07:22

Minor fixes and updates...

  1. Fixed broadcast link and changed it to "Current conditions..."
  2. Point local radar at Blacksburg FCX doppler to better view prevailing conditions.
  3. Pre-Zoom radar to 4x centerd over Fishersville.

06/21/2010 15:40

Remaining website links have now been updated on the new server. Note that the Help page exists but does not reflect this release and has been left available in the event is may provide useful information. It will be updated for this release sometime in the future. Please use the "Feedback" link at the bottom of the home page to report any broken links or comments.

06/21/2010 12:04

For those of you who were not aware, my old weather station was damaged beyond repair over a month ago from a 'close by' lightning strike.  After several attempts to get it running again I gave up and ordered a new Oregon Scientific WMR100N station from my friends at Ambient Weather.  Although I've had it mostly up since last Tuesday, the 15th, it was still running with my old control software.  As of 10am this morning, it's officially running with the latest control software and on a new web server.  If all went well, the website looks the same.  But you may have some old bookmarks that no longer work.  Please use only the web address below to access my Fishersville Weather Station.

  Fishersville Weather Station:

There are a few links on the website that still need to be changed or repaired.  I'll get to them over the next several days.  I am also looking looking at moving away from Underground Weather for 'history' and 'rapid fire' to Weather Bug.  Stay tuned for more as that project gets underway.

Jack Cameron

6/10/10 22:15 I've ordered another workstation. We're talking low end Oregon Scientific WMR100N which will work with my existing control software and database. I expect it to be delivered as early as Monday 6/14.
6/01/10 15:00 The good news is that USB to serial adapter came. The bad news is that the station still does not communicate. So it's clear that the problem is with the weather station and not the control PC. The station is then officially dead. I'll see if I can justify the expense of getting a new station. I'm told perhaps I could find a refurbished one for under $200. If I do not get another station I'll probably stop maintaining this and any related website as well... thus no more rain or snow data either. Got to think about it... check back later.
5/28/10 15:18 Parts for the station control PC have yet to show up. My faith in eBay is lacking a bit. Maybe tomorrow.. maybe next week. On the other hand it's 50/50 at best if this will fix the station communication. If not, perhaps some of you can contibute a new station which I'll set up and manage like I've been doing. When I finally quit managing it the donors can be put in a drawing based on their donated % to get the station.
5/22/10 15:18 Still awaiting parts for the station control PC.
5/17/10 21:00 Moved the "Rain Guage" table to above the news table to keep track of my rain guage readings.
5/17/10 10:07 Another attempt to bring up the weather station has failed. Will not try again until the USB to COM port converter arrives.
5/16/10 09:04 Wow.. several of you were using the radar and other weather links on the Fishersville Weather page. So, for those of you who need the station page, you can get to it by clicking HERE. Please realize that the station is down so the actual weather data is not correct.

11/23/2009 11:24

After several days of tinkering with the old PC that serves as my weather station controller I managed to get it mostly working again.  The likely problem was PC disk drive controller which took out the primary hard drive's boot sector.   In the end, I was able to fix backup drive, install WinXP, and restore some of the lost data.. all without any cost.. so far.

The website is now up again, but without the historical data as that requires programs I'm not wanting to install and maintain.  On the up-side, I upgraded the control program to support a direct connection to my server via Underground Weather.  That link is on the left of the website and called "Rapid Fire".  Rapid fire requires that you have Adobe's Flash player installed; most Windows systems and browsers already have it.  If it works for you, and my weather station stays up, you'll have a view of my current data refreshed about every 10 seconds or so.  Feel free to bookmark a link to "Rapid Fire".

   Fishersville weather:

Change summary:

  1. Historical data and links "Reports and Charts" removed.
  2. Rapid Fire link added to main page.
  3. Monthly and Yearly Summary reports  moved to main page.  These are right off my station so snow data cannot be combined with rain to show moisture.
  4. SHD and CHO metar link on main page.
  5. Local Weather Exchange links (page bottom) expanded to include many more stations.


  1. Rain tipping bucket not heated which will mess up data in freezing weather.
  2. Anemometer has a bad mercury sensor which sometimes results in very high, incorrect, readings.
  3. Some old bookmarks and now invalid. All bookmarks except "" will soon be invalid.  The server will move from nTelos to a private server.

11/16/2009 19:35

For those of you who were using links on my weather site I've put some of those right below. Isuppose I can create another front page with these and other weather related links. But for now, this is it...

11/15/2009 08:40

Well, repeated attempts to get the weather station controller going have failed due to a hardware problem with the hard drive controller. This computer is a very old IBM Aptiva that's been in constant 24/7 service since 1998. And even older is my WM-918 Oregon Scientific weather station. So, unless some funding shows up to replace all this, it's time to say good-by to the Fishersville Weather website.

I'll leave this page here for a while so y'all know what's happened. If you had bookmarked some of the other site pages those will also stay around for a while, but obviously will not update anymore.

Jack Cameron

11/14/2009 14:20

The Fishersville weather station controller experienced a major hard drive failure on 11/14/2009 at 6:30am. Unfortunately, attempts to recover the disk have also failed resulting in data loss back to the last backup on 11/11/2009. Due to the very old weather station hardware this might be the right time to retire it from further service.

When a decision has been reached as to what to do it will be posted here.


Jack Cameron